Activities at Parijat - An Organic Retreat, Uttarkhand

At Parijat - An Organic Retreat, Uttarkhand, offers a number of organic activities which the guests can watch and participate in:

  • Poly House - A polyhouse also known as a polytunnel comes with a semi-circular tunnel which covers the plants in the field. It is elongated in nature and helps in providing heat to the plants inside as the solar radiation. The tunnel also has equipment which checks the humidity and ventilation received by the plants. This acts like a green house and also protects the crops from extreme weather conditions such as rain and storm.
Parijat - An Organic Retreat, Uttarkhand Ranikhet Poly-House Organic Activities Parijat Organic Retreat Uttarkhand
  • Herbal Gardening - Herbal plants may have medicinal, culinary and traditional qualities. These plants may also have ornamental value. These can also be grown in pots and ground. However they tend to grow larger and more freely on the ground. We use fertilizers and harvest the plants from time to time.
Parijat - An Organic Retreat, Uttarkhand Ranikhet Herbal Gardening Parijat - An Organic Retreat Uttarkhand

Himalaya View- Enjoy the breathtaking view of the Himalayas from our organic retreat. Wake up to the fresh air from the mountains and enjoy the fascinating view outside your window.

Parijat - An Organic Retreat, Uttarkhand Ranikhet Himalaya View Activities at Parijat Organic Retreat Uttarkhand